Morningstar® Advisor OfficeSM Cloud
BALDWIN uses Morningstar, Inc.’s Morningstar® Advisor Office℠ Cloud. This is a web-based portfolio management software for advisors. It can aggregate many custodial accounts, track client holdings, dividends, and returns, and create reports with snapshot views and detailed asset allocations. Furthermore, it connects Morningstar’s independent data and research to BALDWIN’s systems so that BALDWIN can review analyst research, assess risk, and consider exposure in model portfolios and client portfolios. Also, its tools help BALDWIN with tax-aware trading and management.

Compliance Solutions Strategies
In an effort to be compliant with the rules and regulations relevant to Registered Investment Advisers like Baldwin Wealth Management, BALDWIN has hired Compliance Solutions Strategies (CSS) as its compliance consultant. CSS brings technology-driven solutions to support financial services firms in navigating a clear and strategic path through the complex and fragmented global regulatory space. Its solutions and services help firms meet regulatory deadlines while optimizing compliance data, operations, and technology. The company currently serves over 600 software clients in the financial services vertical comprising hedge funds, traditional asset managers, and fund administrators. CSS maintains a global footprint across both North America and Europe with customer-facing offices in New York, London, Dublin, Paris, Amsterdam, and Stockholm.

Network of Specialists
BALDWIN has a broad network of specialists with areas of expertise related to investments and financial planning such as tax law, tax accounting, insurance, lending, intra-family communication, and Social Security, to name several.

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