BAM Advisor Services, LLC
To harness a powerful team approach, BALDWIN has established a strategic alliance with the independent firm, BAM Advisor Services, LLC, (BAM) an affiliated firm of the Buckingham Family of Financial Services. The alliance brings important benefits to BALDWIN including enhanced service levels, specialized investment expertise, vendor-negotiation leverage, operating leverage, and back-office support. Furthermore, through BAM, BALDWIN has ready access to a network of vetted specialists in related areas of expertise such as tax law (e.g., trust creation and estate planning), tax accounting, insurance, lending, and intra-family communication about wealth. This BAM network supplements BALDWIN’s existing network.

Ascendant Compliance Management
In an effort to be compliant with the rules and regulations relevant to Registered Investment Advisers like BALDWIN, Baldwin Wealth Management has hired Ascendant Compliance Management as its compliance consultant. Ascendant was founded in 2006 by the leaders and founders of successful compliance consulting companies and the nonprofit National Society for Compliance Professionals. Ascendant’s experienced team shares a philosophy of and commitment to innovation, high quality client service, and educational training and technological solutions for investment managers, broker dealers, hedge funds, and private equity funds worldwide.

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