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What you don’t know can hurt you

Richard Baldwin, BALDWIN’s investment advisor, has deep experience in fund management and analysis, including portfolio management for high net worth families, trusts, foundations, and institutional pension plans. Richard also spent time as the head of operational risk review for Guggenheim’s wealth management advisers, researching third-party money managers. These experiences give him a unique insight into the inner workings of asset management — allowing Richard to “see through” the rhetoric of many investment opportunities directly into their real possibilities and limitations. Through BALDWIN , Richard also draws upon the capabilities of nationally-recognized BAM Advisor Services, for many of the tools of advising, including cutting edge investment research, market perspective, portfolio modeling, input from specialists, management techniques, trading, reporting, and more.

At BALDWIN, we are investors ourselves, as well as investment advisors. We know the power of insight, and we share our insights to help you make the most of your opportunity. We begin by drawing upon an institutional perspective that can be applied to family wealth. For example, we actively pursue a deep understanding of investment vehicles and markets in the same way that institutional advisors do. Also, institutional advisors understand the value of diversification across asset classes and geography. They know what it takes to monitor and evaluate an investment strategy objectively. Because they are considering the lifetime of an institution (often a perpetual relationship where the investments and advisors will change over time), they are able to take a long-term perspective and see the big picture. BALDWIN thinks that the high net worth family portfolio should be treated with the same wisdom and care. Like institutional advisors, BALDWIN monitors investment options on an ongoing basis to find new opportunities to help clients achieve their goals.


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