The Beginning


Transitioning into a relationship with an advisor requires getting to know each other. At BALDWIN, we believe that a firm foundation for success is built on a relationship with clear communication and organized implementation. Our relationship map provides a simple way to understand what steps we are going through as we get to know you and your financial picture.


Let’s meet! We would like to get to know you and what your concerns and goals are. We strive to uncover the issues that you care about when you think about smart investing, minimizing taxes, protecting your assets, transferring wealth, or giving to charity. Along the way, we explain more about our values and our approach. To help, we profile your unique circumstances and analyze your current portfolio.

Mutual Commitment

If our relationship has potential, we both sign an Investment Advisory Agreement that formalizes our mutual aspiration to address your financial concerns and meet your financial goals.

Transition Management

We work to make any necessary transition as easy as possible for you. We suggest what you need to do and explain why. If you agree, we do as much as we can for you and coach you through the rest.

Investment Policy Statement

Based on our detailed discussions with you, we propose an investment plan. Together we refine the plan to create an Investment Policy Statement which we co-sign. Your Investment Policy Statement describes our mutual strategy for success. MOST importantly, it helps us stick to our plan during trying financial markets by objectively reminding us of our agreed upon, long term approach.

Work With Your Other Advisers

You probably need the expertise of an accountant, lawyer, insurance agent, mortgage broker, or someone else. As we get to know you, we are likely to become aware of these needs and point them out to you if you are not already addressing them. Then, we will coordinate our activities with the activities of your other advisors so that you receive congruent advice from your team.

Client Touchpoints

We meet with you regularly and discuss what is changing in your life to uncover areas where we can suggest opportunities, improvements, and modifications. Also, we use these meetings to share our wealth management insights and answer your questions. Separately, we send you quarterly reports that combine multiple accounts into one display of positions, allocations, and performance. Taken together, these “touchpoints” help you evaluate whether we are meeting your needs.


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